John Bumgardner

Name: John Bumgardner

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Minneapolis, MN

With Holland Since: 1991

Favorite Hobby: Speaking about road safety

Awards: 5 million accident-free miles


TITLE: Linehaul Driver

TERMINAL: Minneapolis, MN


FAVORITE HOBBY: Speaking about road safety

AWARDS: 5 million accident-free miles

More about John...

A good reputation doesn’t form overnight. In fact, it can take years to build up a good name for yourself, and that’s what retired Holland driver John “Bummer” Bumgardner did.

Early Life

Born and raised in Minnesota, John didn’t always know he wanted to become a truck driver. In fact, he attended school for heavy equipment maintenance and ended up finding his passion for driving a truck when he was sent across the country to pick up a bulldozer.

After that experience, John was sold on becoming a truck driver and says, “I get paid to travel the country. What could be better?”

John Bumgardner at Holland Terminal

John driving his Holland truck

Working at Holland

John had nothing but great things to say about Holland, and the feeling is mutual! In the 23 years he worked for Holland, John upped his accident-free miles from 2 million to 5 million. He even has a few tips on how to achieve that kind of safety record.

John Bumgardner, Holland Driver

John in front of his Holland truck

  • Know when you’re in the wrong – “Even when I know I’m in the right, and the other person is wrong, I bite my tongue and let them go.”
  • Remember to relax – “If I feel like I’m getting worked up or the weather’s too bad to drive, I’ll stop off and take afew deep breaths.”
  • Love your job – “Nothing is worth doing if you’re not having fun. I love driving a truck and I have fun every day of my life.”

Personal Life

Even though John is retired, he still drives part-time picking up new trucks.

“I couldn’t stand sitting around the house. Plus, I get to do what I love and see all the beautiful parts of Minnesota”.

John Bumgardner at Holland Terminal

John in his safety jacket – he values safety just as much as we do!

When John’s not busy driving, he goes around Minnesota speaking about road safety for anyone who wants to hear him. In the past, he has spoken at the Minnesota state capitol, the local police and fire stations, and of course Holland.

In addition to being a legendary truck driver, John is also a father to a daughter who is a nurse and a son who drives a truck just like his dad. He couldn’t be prouder of them and is grateful that they live in town near him.

John Bumgardner at Holland TerminalThe great thing about John is his genuine love for meeting new people and engaging in good conversation. He often comes back to visit his old terminal manager and coworkers, and as soon as he walks through the door it’s “Bummer’s here!”, everyone with big welcoming smiles on their faces.

“I can’t say enough about Holland. They have been nothing but good to me”, says John about his 23-year experience at Holland. We can’t say enough good things about you either, Bummer! Thank you for those 23 great years!

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