Zach Deno

Name: Zach Deno

Job Title: City Driver

Terminal: Indianapolis

With Holland Since: 2017

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with his family, camping, and fishing


TITLE: City Driver

TERMINAL: Indianapolis


FAVORITE HOBBY: Spending time with his family, camping, and fishing

More about Zach...

Zach was raised on a big family farm. He grew up riding shotgun in a truck with his father hauling grain. Like anyone who grew up on a farm, Zach was around trucks and equipment a lot, so that’s where he feels comfortable. He knew at a young age what he wanted to be when he grew up – a truck driver.

Zach Deno truck driver

Of course, when he was kid, good pay and health insurance didn’t mean much to him. He just wanted to get behind the wheel. Now that he holds his CDL and has a family of his own, he understands just how important having a job that pays well and provides company-paid health insurance really is. And, there are the other things about driving that are icing on the cake for Zach.

“I think the best part of driving for Holland is the pay and the benefits. But, the best things about being a truck driver is just being out on the road, meeting new people, seeing new places, and the thrill of being in control of a truck,” explains Zach.

A buddy of Zach’s started driving for Holland and told him how great the pay and benefits were here compared to other trucking companies. Zach was already familiar with Holland’s excellent reputation in the industry, so he checked into it and discovered our Dock to Driver Program. This program lets new drivers make money working on our dock while earning their CDL license, so they’re never without a paycheck.

It’s a great program for new truck drivers because instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for trucking school tuition, Holland pays you to work on the dock for six months while you go through driver training. Going to a traditional truck driving school can mean being away from family, depending on where the nearest driving school is located. By choosing Holland’s Dock to Driver Program, Zach was able to stay in Indianapolis with his family the entire time he was training.

“The Dock to Driver Program lets you earn a paycheck while you’re getting your CDL instead of waiting until you actually have a job driving. Basically, Holland paid me to learn how to drive,” says Zach.

Now that Zach has his CDL, his typical day is not quite so typical. His shift varies day to day depending on the Indianapolis terminal’s schedule. He might start off on the forklift and then be needed out on the road. Zach says, “I’ll get a set route soon, and as a city driver, I’ll usually not be sent more than an hour away from Indianapolis. Until then, I like not doing the same thing every day.”

Zach Deno truck driver family

Zach is married and has a nine-year-old son, a two-year-old daughter and another daughter on the way. He spends his free time with them and camping and fishing. As a family man, the hardest part about being a truck driver is the hours away from his family during the week. But, that’s true for many jobs, not just truck driving.

“Everyone wants more time at home, especially when they have younger kids. Maybe I’ll switch to over the road (OTR) driving when my son and daughters are older. For now, I want to be a city driver, which gives me more time with my family,” Zach says.

Even though Zach is a new driver at Holland, already he has advice for others who might be thinking about becoming a truck driver. “Just do it. Drivers are always in demand and always will be. A truck driver will always be able to find work. And, you can take pride in what you do,” says Zach.

No matter if Zach remains a city driver or eventually becomes an OTR linehaul driver, we are looking forward to helping him continue doing what he loves. Zach is the kind of conscientious driver that keeps Holland’s reputation strong. Welcome to Holland, Zach!

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