Driving for Holland: It’s A Dain Family Tradition

All in the Family.

It’s rare in today’s hustling and bustling fast-paced world to find a family of drivers so dedicated to one company, but that’s the Dain family tradition at the Appleton, Wisconsin Holland service center.












  Earlier this year, Holland celebrated Appleton linehaul driver Richard Dain’s three-million consecutive mile without a single accident.

The three-million-mile record is exceedingly rare–placing Dain among an elite group of professional drivers. For some perspective, driving three-million-miles is equivalent to making six round trips to the moon, or circumnavigating the globe at the equator over 116 times–all without a single preventable collision.

Richard Dain grew up with trucking in his blood. He was inspired for years by his father and uncles who are also truck drivers. Richard became interested in operating and driving trucks at a very young age because of their influence and love of trucking.












  His father, Delmar Dain, far right, drove for Holland from July 1986 to April 2002 and is now a retired Holland driver. His uncle, Kenneth Zimmerman, far left, an active driver, has driven for Holland 22 years (since June 1997) and is also domiciled at the Appleton service center.

They all share a commitment to service and safety at Holland.

Families influences are strong. Richard Dain didn’t waste any time starting his driving career. He obtained his chauffer’s license to drive semi in 1983 when he was only 18 years old. He has been driving ever since. He started with Holland in 1990. At that time, he was 24 years old and one of the youngest road drivers Holland had ever hired. He had six years of driving experience under his belt and a clean driving record.

Today, as a linehaul driver, Richard Dain makes the 564-mile roundtrip to Minneapolis and back five-days-a-week. Ten years prior, he drove the 566-mile roundtrip to South Bend. During most of his earlier years, he drove turns through Milwaukee and Chicago twice a night through some of the country’s most challenging winter weather.

With his firm commitment to safety, it was only natural for Richard to get involved in the Holland Safety Committee. He is a driver mentor and shares safety skills and information with new drivers. He grew up being mentored by the truckers in his family. So, it’s only natural for him to believe strongly in the importance of mentoring new drivers and starting them off as a part of the Holland family.












    In fact, one of his strongest pieces of advice is to always leave a way out.

What do you think someone who drives for a living would choose to do for vacation?

There have been a lot of changes in the transportation industry over Richard Dain’s long driving career, but his love of traveling the countryside firmly remains. He and his family have taken camping trips across the country to Yellow Stone, Mount Rushmore, throughout the Badlands and South Dakota, and throughout Wisconsin. His lifelong love of travel recently included a trip to Alaska.

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