Holland Takes On Pokémon Go

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

With all the Pokémon Go craze happening since the game’s debut, we asked our drivers to capture the little critters that pop up throughout their days. Some of them hadn’t heard of the game or weren’t players to begin with, but our drivers have such positive attitudes that they said, “I’ll try anything!” The pictures we received are pretty funny – you just never know when or where a Pokémon will come out to play.

While our focus is always on getting freight out, there’s no reason why we can’t have some fun while doing it. Not only has the game brought some excitement and competition to our terminals, but it has also put smiles on many of our customers’ faces. How could you not laugh when a truck driver says to you, “Hold on, let me catch the Pidgey on your desk”?

Not only did our drivers find Pokémon out on deliveries (when stopped), but they also found a ton right in their own terminals. Break rooms, warehouses, docks, and even trailers have been hotspots for Pokémon. You just have to see for yourself…

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