Electronic Logs and the Owner/Operator

How the Owner/Operator can simplify the Electronic Log process

Almost everyone who works for themselves enjoys the freedom it offers. But they also experience the many hassles and costs that come with being self-employed. Owner/operators now face the responsibility to install electronic logging devices (ELDs) which can average anywhere between $200 and $2,000 per truck, plus monthly service fees. Without an ELD, their trucks can now be placed out of service and the driver fined.

For drivers who just want to drive and not worry about all the problems that come along with being self-employed, the door is always open at Holland. As a member of the Holland team, the installation and maintenance is somebody else’s responsibility.

The driver’s job is to drive and take care of their customers. In many ways, the driver is still his/her own boss.

Holland has equipped their fleet of more than 4000 tractors with Electronic Logs and has trained drivers on how to use them. Holland drivers benefit from the new technology with increased safety and reduced time compared to filling out paper logs.

Owner/operators who love what they do but want to simplify their job should think about joining the professional driving team at Holland.

Simplifying electronic logs for owner operators

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