4 Ways Truck Drivers Keep America Moving Forward

Holland freight delivery in warehouse

We asked drivers to show us what kind of freight they’re hauling… and they delivered!

Truck drivers haul everything from raw electrical materials to the delicious popcorn you find in your local grocery store – that’s what keeps their job so interesting! Each day brings a new adventure on the road… a new place, a new accomplishment, and a new delivery that ends up in a happy customer’s hands.

Truck drivers are what really keep America and its industries moving forward. Making regular deliveries ensures that hospitals remain fully stocked with supplies critical to saving lives, schools have working air conditioning and heating units, and car manufacturers receive key shipments that keep the assembly lines moving.

Here are 4 ways truck drivers keep America moving, along with some pretty cool photos we received…

1. Hospitals stay fully stocked with critical medical supplies they need to save lives.

Holland driver delivery of panes of glass for hospital windows

This includes both medical supplies and supplies to maintain the facilities. With regular shipments of medications, oxygen, and medical supplies like bandages, syringes, needles, and tubes, doctors and nurses are able to save lives and heal hurting patients.

This photo from driver Herschel Evans shows just one of the many things Holland delivers to hospitals: panes of glass that will become windows in a hospital. Hospital management is constantly striving to improve their facilities to create a cleaner, more comfortable environment for patients. These new windows will end up offering healing views of the beautiful blue sky to cancer patients or new moms and their babies.

2. Car manufacturing plants receive regular shipments to keep assembly lines moving.

Holland driver delivering to a Honda plant

Pictured above, driver Herschel Evans delivered some parts to a Honda plant in Georgia. Manufacturing plants rely on certain parts being delivered at very specific times in order to keep the assembly lines moving.

American Trucking Association callout

Because Herschel is doing his job each day, and doing it well, plants like this one are able to keep their assembly lines moving and production running smoothly. Regular deliveries ensure that these facilities continue to produce the cars that allow us to get around in the world.

3. Schools receive new heating and air conditioning units to keep students comfortable while they learn.

Holland delivery of HVAC to a school

Schools across America go through countless reams of paper, boxes of chalk and pencils, and millions of tissues and bottles of hand sanitizer just to keep the students content and the lesson plans flowing. But what about all the other essentials like food for lunches, toilet paper for restrooms, and a working HVAC system?

Pictured above is a large part of a school’s HVAC system that was delivered via truck. When a school’s heating or air conditioning stops working, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible so the students don’t get too hot or too cold. That means a delivery is in order, stat!

Because these new parts were delivered, a school will have properly working heating to keep them warm this winter.

4. Grocery stores and restaurants are stocked with fresh food to supply your next meal.

Holland delivery to Cracker Barrel

Grocery stores and restaurants rely on frequent deliveries, especially for perishable items that spoil quickly. Regular deliveries from truck drivers ensure that grocery stores and restaurants continue to serve fresh, delicious food.

American Trucking Association callout

Thanks to driver Steven Lloyd, you can continue to order your favorite country breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Holland drivers are making food deliveries to stores and restaurants every day so that parents can continue to buy groceries for their kids’ lunches and weeknight dinners.


Check out the rest of the interesting freight that our drivers have been hauling below…



Sources: American Trucking Association

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