Rodrick Shaffer

Name: Rodrick Shaffer

Job Title: Driver & Dockworker

Terminal: Detroit, MI

With Holland Since: 1996

Favorite Hobby: Swimming & movies with grandchildren


TITLE: Driver & Dockworker



FAVORITE HOBBY: Swimming & movies with grandchildren

More about Rodrick...

Tradition is everything in some families, but nobody knows tradition like Holland driver Rodrick Shaffer. Rod comes from a big family of truck drivers, the first one being his grandfather who drove city buses. Rod followed in his footsteps, and now his son is doing the same.

Early Life

Growing up in Michigan, Rod knew he wanted to become a truck driver. It wasn’t just because trucking was in his blood, he was drawn to the industry.

After high school, Rod joined the Army to provide for his family. There he was responsible for recording and distributing ammunition. Upon leaving the Army, Rod knew exactly what his next step would be, and that was truck driving.

“Back in ‘88 when I started in the industry, we were all like a big family who relied on one another and respected one another.”

Working at Holland

Rod was working for another trucking company when he heard about Holland. He remembers being in a company meeting where they were discussing top competitors, and sure enough Holland was at the top of the list. It was then that Rod knew where he needed to be.

After 20 years at Holland, Rod’s regular customers have become family. Rod starts his days early in the morning making deliveries and once he’s done, he starts making pickups and works his way back to the terminal. He’s been driving for so long that some of his customers’ children who he met as young kids are now getting married and having kids of their own.

“Once you form a bond with your customers, they want you to make all their deliveries. We look forward to seeing each other.”

Family Life

Rodrick is a father to 7 children – 3 boys and 4 girls, as well as a grandfather to 13. One of his sons followed in his footsteps and became a truck driver, and now owns a truck. Rod and his son speak almost everyday, often to discuss the best routes and driving tips.

Going swimming and going out to the movies with his grandchildren are the best times. “As the grandpa I like to spoil them,” says Rod. When he’s not spending time with the grandkids, he enjoys going to the gym, jogging, and traveling.

Having Rodrick as one of our drivers for the last 20 years has been wonderful, and we look forward to many more. We have enjoyed having him around as much as his customers do. Thanks for all your hard work, Rod!

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I am very fond of driving trucks to provide high quality service for the guest!


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