William Trimble

Name: William Trimble

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Rockford, IL

With Holland Since: 1989

Favorite Hobby: Muscle Cars

Awards: 3 Million Mile Safety Award


TITLE: Linehaul Driver

TERMINAL: Rockford, IL



AWARDS: 3 Million Mile Safety Award

More about William...

There’s a difference between being a truck driver and a professional truck driver, and there’s no doubt that William Trimble is a professional. Learn more about William…

Following In Dad’s Footsteps

William was born and raised in a small town in Northern Illinois and grew up on the farm. Bill’s father was a professional truck driver and farmer, and hauled cattle for a living. Bill fondly remembers trips to the stock yard with his father. “I just thought it was the coolest thing,” he says. The big trucks and tractors seemed gigantic to Bill as a small boy, and he looked up to his dad who was the brave one driving them.

Holland Driver Bill Trimble's Best Driver Award

After high school, Bill joined the United States Army in 1971. Stationed in Fort Devens, Massachusetts, Bill was a heavy equipment operator and engineer. After driving around a 10-ton tractor and other large and heavy equipment for nearly three years, Bill was ready to get behind the wheel of a semi. He already knew when he got out of the Army in 1973 that he wanted to be a truck driver just like dad.

Holland driver Bill Trimble's military award

Although he had driven large bulldozers and other heavy machinery in the Army, Bill still needed to obtain his CDL to become a truck driver. But for him the program was a breeze – he had been preparing for this his whole life.

The Adventure Begins

Completely sold on the idea of driving as a career, Bill took a job as a school bus driver where he remained for three years. Although the kids got very rowdy sometimes, he enjoyed the job simply because he was out on the road.

After driving linehaul for another company, Bill joined us at Holland in 1989. As a linehaul driver out of our Rockford, Illinois terminal, Bill mostly drives through the night and drives straight to other terminals around the country. Driving hardly feels like a job for him because he loves it so much, and his career has taken him so many places – Alabama, New York City, California, and many more.

“My grandpa once told me, “Whatever you do in life, make sure you enjoy it”. That has always been my motto and there’s no doubt that I enjoy driving,” says Bill.    

Safe Driving Is Happy Driving

Holland linehaul driver William Trimble in front of truck

Bill was honored with the Three Million Mile Safety Award in October of 2013 for his excellent accident-free driving record. Bill is one of just a few Holland drivers who have reached this incredible milestone, and he attributes his abilities to a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of rest.

“I know what my limit is, so if I’m feeling too tired to drive, I’ll just pull over and do some jumping jacks to wake me up,” says Bill.

While some of America may unfortunately views truck drivers as dirty, lazy, and out of shape, Bill is anything but that stereotype. He not only takes pride in his appearance, but his health and overall wellbeing as well. He does everything he can to be the best professional driver he can be.

Holland linehaul driver Bill Trimble with family

From Big Trucks to Muscle Cars

When Bill isn’t driving a big rig, he prefers muscle cars and has hopes of buying one soon. Growing up in the 70s when muscle cars were a dime a dozen, William loves finding rare beauties today.

Holland driver Bill Trimble family

Bill is the very proud father of three children, a son named Chad, a daughter named Cheyenne, and a stepson named Scott. When he speaks of his children, it’s evident how much they mean to him. All three are married with beautiful families, and Bill sees them when he can.

Holland driver Bill Trimble family

From everyone at Holland, thanks Bill! You’ve made us so proud with your safety record and passion for driving. Keep moving America forward!

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Fabio Magana

Sounds like you enjoy what you do at Holland. I am looking into relocating my family from California to Omaha, Nebraska but before I can do so, must find a job. I have no complaints in my current job, excellent pay and benefits I’m licence A driver for 5 yrs no accidents. Looking into my options.

Holland Team

Thanks for reaching out! Congratulations on your safe driving career and we wish you well on your new adventures in Omaha. Holland is always on the lookout for dependable drivers and we follow up with you soon at the email you provided when you left your comment. Also, be sure to learn more and apply online at Thank you!


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