Jimmy Hawley

Name: Jimmy Hawley

Job Title: Linehaul Driver

Terminal: Indianapolis, IN

With Holland Since: 2015

Favorite Hobby: Playing video games


TITLE: Linehaul Driver

TERMINAL: Indianapolis, IN


FAVORITE HOBBY: Playing video games

More about Jimmy...

Growing up in Western Indianapolis, Indiana, Jimmy was inspired by his uncle who was a truck driver, and still has a picture of himself as a young boy sitting in the cab of his uncle’s truck. After joining the Dock to Driver training program in Indianapolis, Jimmy is now enjoying life at Holland as a linehaul driver with a quest to see the sights.

From Dock to Open Road, and Fast!

Holland driver Jimmy Hawley in his truck

As a young guy working at an indoor trampoline park as an assistant manager, Jimmy knew there wasn’t much room for growth, even though he enjoyed the job. A friend of Jimmy’s happened to work for Holland and told him about the Dock to Driver Program. He liked the sound of it and thought he’d be a good fit.

As an assistant manager at my old job, I knew I couldn’t move up much more from there. At Holland though, you can go wherever you want. The opportunities for growth are endless,” says Jimmy.

The Holland training program is designed to give people a chance to work at Holland and make money while also earning their CDL and endorsements, making it the perfect program for a young guy like Jimmy just starting out. Drawn to the adventurous nature of truck driving, Jimmy applied and was accepted to the program.

Jimmy is the kind of guy who’s not afraid of getting dirty and working hard, so when he entered the Dock to Driver program, he was ready to learn. Just starting out, he didn’t know much about the trucking industry, so his time on the dock was a great educational experience for him, especially getting to learn from fellow drivers.

I really enjoyed the training program. I met a lot of great people and everyone who trained me had really good advice,” says Jimmy.

As someone who loves driving around and seeing the sights, truck driving is the perfect job for Jimmy. Nothing beats a sunset in the mountains of Pennsylvania or the sunrise in Georgia. Jimmy caught on quickly and started driving as a local city driver.

North to South, East to West, He Sees It All

Holland driver Jimmy Hawley

City driving requires a lot of maneuvering in tight spots, which can be a scary idea for new truck drivers, but Jimmy was able to handle it. However, he switched to linehaul and absolutely loves it! He’s found his place, and that place is the open road.

Jimmy’s favorite part of his job is getting to be his own leader in a sense. His supervisor tells him where he needs to go and what needs to get done, and it’s up to him to plan how he’s going to do it. The sights don’t hurt either – Jimmy has gotten to see a lot of different places since he started driving line haul. His favorite sight so far though has been the mountains of Pennsylvania.

There’s nothing like driving through the mountains in Pennsylvania during sunset, especially in the Spring when the forests come alive,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy drives all around the midwest, driving as far North as Wisconsin, all the way down to Alabama, and everywhere in between. He starts his journeys on Sundays, driving 8 hours until he reaches his hotel that Holland provides for him. Then in the morning he starts driving to his destination. Jimmy is an “open board” driver, meaning he goes wherever there’s freight and doesn’t have set routes. The unpredictability of his weeks on the road really add to the adventurous aspect of Jimmy’s job.

Fitness, Friends, and Family

Of course it can get lonely driving all week, but Jimmy has gotten to meet drivers from other terminals around the country and frequently calls his friends and family. Weekends and holidays are his cherished downtime that he spends with family and friends, or maybe gets in a couple hours of video games.

Despite what many people think, there are many ways for truck drivers to stay fit and healthy on the road. Jimmy takes pride in his health and physical fitness, and makes it a point to go on walks whenever he has downtime during the week. Walks are great because it’s not only exercise, but it’s a way for Jimmy to do some exploring and see the places he drives to.

Driving long hours isn’t easy, so it’s important to sleep and eat right. Trucking also requires a lot of strength so staying fit is key,” says Jimmy.

As Jimmy continues to stay focused and work hard, we are excited for what’s ahead on his path at Holland. He’s determined to grow and move up, and we’re here to help! Thanks, Jimmy, for being an awesome driver. You’re a great new addition to the Holland family!

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