Bailey Coval

Name: Bailey Coval

Job Title: Recruiter

Terminal: Main Office

With Holland Since: 2018

Favorite Hobby: Travel, Outdoor Activities


TITLE: Recruiter

TERMINAL: Main Office


FAVORITE HOBBY: Travel, Outdoor Activities

More about Bailey...

After her college graduation with a degree in Industrial Labor Relations from West Virginia University, Bailey Coval (despite an urge to travel) wanted to move back home to west Michigan. She wanted a stable job where she could be proud of the company she works for.

She wanted to work for Holland because she wanted to gain experience supporting Human Resources for a unionized workforce. She appreciates the trucking industry and helping people make a good career choice. After her first ride-along with a driver, she saw the realness of the job, the necessity of it and developed an intense respect for it.

She feels the average person doesn’t give truck drivers enough respect, and the job needs to be better understood. Drivers work very hard long days and are true professionals.

A Day in the Life

What does the average day look like for Bailey? Each day she reviews applications from the terminals within a three-state radius–Ohio, Michigan and New York. She screens qualifications, finds the best candidates, does a lot of phone interviews, and processes the recruiting pieces necessary to qualify an employee.

Bailey works a lot with terminal managers to keep up with their daily employment needs, and functions as a business partner, finding out where drivers are needed. Some terminal managers prefer to communicate via text, some via email, some via phone. She adapts to whatever communication format is preferred and works with terminal managers and candidates to process pre-employment requirements such as motor vehicle reports, drug tests, physicals and any other pre-qualifiers.

Adventures of the Next Generation

Bailey says she works hard to educate people and remove any culture stigmas that exist about the industry.

Today’s pop culture doesn’t have a lot of real exposure to what working in transportation is really about. Often trucking is made out to be something it isn’t. People just don’t understand the industry.

Younger folks don’t often realize that trucking involves being serious and a professional. Transportation employees are representing a company, and they are very good at what they do.

There’s been a lot of change in this industry. Trucking involves more technical aspects than she thought at first.

Sometimes trucking gets labeled as “old school” but today’s world of trucking is anything but that. The new technology is exciting and brings new opportunities. It’s exciting to be a part of it and perhaps a little bit unexpected for some.












Bailey says, “I’m not just a recruiter. I am building professional relationships. I enjoy sharing ideas and motivation. I talk the talk and walk the walk. Everyone at Holland has been very professional. I love working here–building career relationships, respect and learning.”

The Mission to Make Holland Better

Bailey covers employment needs for fourteen Holland terminals. Her mission is to make Holland better, stronger.

Who are the best candidates? “Perhaps someone with a bit of Class A driving experience and LTL experience–maybe car haulers or flatbed drivers with a clean record. Someone willing to go the extra mile. Someone motivated to make sure the customers’ deliveries are on time. Someone who wants to make sure the customer is happy. There is an extra customer service mentality that goes beyond truck driving.”









So, the best candidates? “A motivated person with a clean record and the mentality to serve customers. We can train. We can teach technical skills, but motivation can’t be taught. I work to find those candidates. The ones that want to learn. The ones that want to become a professional, motivated Holland driver.”

Every market is a little bit different in the regions she covers. Changes like market, routes, the weather, the holidays–they all make things different.

Bailey says there are quite a few employees who work in the warehouse that always wanted to be a truck driver. With Holland’s new driver training program, they can now do that. Great earning potential and growth. Great training. Established safety programs to learn from.

And they are very grateful for the opportunity to be trained and mentored and paid while learning a new career with opportunities for economic growth rather than paying out of their own pocket to attend a driver training school.

Since the day she started over a year ago, Bailey has helped to hire 366 drivers and has a high retention rate. She’s exceptionally self-motivated. She travels for hiring events in her territory and is excited to see more women coming into the industry.

Bailey at Home

When we asked Bailey about her home life, her response was: “Well, those who sit next to me know I’m not a quiet person. I like to have fun. I’m quite a bit of a cheerleader at work and at home. I’m positive, self-motivated, and a super hardworking person whether at home or work.”

And that’s Bailey Coval, Holland Recruiter. She works hard to grow Holland and make Holland better.

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